Detallitos CT an adventure with yarn!

My name is Cristina. I am from Costa Rica, Central America.  I have learn how to crochet and knit since I was five years old when my mother taught me. Since then I have learned more and more. I used to teach kids and teens in my country, but I like to teach people of all ages, and skill levels. I love everything yarn related and like to teach what I know to others. I think it is fun to learn to knit and crochet and to make useful and fun things for you or loved ones.

I have taught crochet at Michaels Stores and now I am trying to expand my teaching to other areas/groups as well as creating patterns by myself.

My last adventure was organizing Knoble Yarn Fest in Colorado this past February.  It was my first yarn festival and it was a success!  Already planning the next one, so I'll keep you posted.


  • I love this store. It has all of my favorite yarns and Cristina is SO generous and accommodating. I’ve bought all of my Knit Collage yarn from Cristina and I look forward to buying more in the future. Thank you, Cristina, for making these yarns available!

  • Hi Christina. I’m interested in the .
    Scheepjes CAL Team Free Spirt and I wanted to know how big are the stone washed XL skeins. 50g or 100g

    Kristin Jaros
  • Hello! I’m interested in sending you an email to inquire if it is possible to order a specific Scheepjes yarn. However, I can’t see your email address anywhere on your website. I’m sure I’m simply missing seeing it. May I ask where I should look? Thank you! I live in Colorado, and I’m so excited to have found you.

    Helen Mowry
  • Hi Cristina,
    I am an airhead. 😜 I just finished my 1st Sophie’s dream blanket. I want to make another one, we are heading to Denver Saturday (my hubby needs a break from working at home) anyway, I did a search on sheepjes yarn last week and found your shop! However, I thought you had an actual brick and mortar star. So told the hubby we had to visit your store before we head to Breckinridge Monday. Is there anyway I can get my yarn ordered and either pick it up in Denver (or any town convenient for you) or have it shipped to Breckinridge ASAP? I want to start my new blanket while we are on vacation. Any help is appreciated. Thank you,
    Terri 😊

    Terri McClure

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